Value my property

Under our full management service we will meet you on their final day of tenancy at the property to check you out. We will check that the property has been left in a condition which is on par with the inventory on check in (allowing for fair wear and tear).

During the check-out appointment, we will take final meter readings with the you present and include photographic evidence of each meter reading.

We may in some cases attend the property (by prior arrangement) a week or so before the end date of the tenancy. This will allow any issues to be highlighted and potentially dealt with before the tenancy ends (for example, carpets which need cleaning, walls which need filling/painting). 

This can allow the deposit to be handed back to you at the end of the tenancy without deduction or dispute. In the event that you fail to make good any necessary works, we will be able to demonstrate that we have given you sufficient warning of the works required.

The difference between the original inventory and the property’s condition at the end of the tenancy will form the basis of any claim to withhold a portion of the deposit. 

We will have the original inventory and a camera to allow any issues to be noted and for you to be present.

On a let only service

The landlord should follow a similar procedure as above and advise our agency on how they’d like the deposit to be dealt with. Note that any landlord will be required to provide photographic evidence and copies of any quotes for works to be or have been completed.

Should a dispute occur, you, the tenant, can appeal direct to the deposit protection scheme and submit a counter claim for consideration by the deposit protection scheme adjudicator. 

We will of course assist with advice and guidance as required.

Please visit for further information and assistance 

Return of your deposit

What might affect the return of your deposit?

We want you to be confident you’ll receive your whole deposit back when your tenancy ends so we’ve created a common list of reasons why your letting agent/landlord may claim all or part of your deposit:

  • Rent arrears – if you either miss a payment or you leave the property without paying the last month.
  • Outstanding utilities and bills – if your landlord is required to pay outstanding bills they may deduct this from your deposit.
  • Redecoration – your letting agent/landlord will know they should allow for wear and tear depending on the age and condition of the property at check in. If they need to redecorate for anything other than fair wear and tear, the cost of this is likely to be claimed from your deposit.
  • Cleaning – this covers carpet stains, dirty ovens and any other cleaning costs. Make sure you give your rented property a full clean before you move out so your letting agent/landlord won’t need to charge you. Taking photographs of the property is a good way to prove the condition you left it in.
  • Gardening – if you have a garden you should make sure it is left in a good condition. The season will be taken into account because if you moved in during the spring and moved out in winter the garden will appear different. Again, photographs are a good way of clearly showing the condition at check in and check out. 

  • Damage to property – if your landlord is claiming the full replacement cost for an item which was not new at the start of the tenancy (e.g. a washing machine), then the amount of your deposit they may be awarded will reflect the replacement cost of a second-hand equivalent.