Value my property

We pride ourselves on ensuring that properties are of a good standard for tenants and we will advise landlords of any work which needs to be undertaken prior to renting. We will refuse to market a rental property which is not up to standard for tenants.

  • We will compile a comprehensive inventory with detailed photographs. This helps to protect both our tenants and landlords from end of tenancy disputes.
  • We will draw up a legally binding tenancy agreement to protect both landlord and tenant.
  • We will safeguard a tenant’s deposit by ensuring these are protected in a government-backed tenancy deposit protection scheme DPS. An assessment of the property will be undertaken at the end of the tenancy and a fair decision will be made regarding the return of the deposit. 
  • Property maintenance is a big issue with tenants, and we will ensure any problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently.
  • If we manage the property we will retain a set of keys for the property and deal with any emergencies should a tenant be unable to access the property.
  • If we manage the property we will complete regular, quarterly inspections of the property and report any tenant concerns back to the landlord. 
  • We will explain the concept of fair wear and tear and advise tenants and landlords of any issues that need to be dealt with during or at the end of a tenancy.
  • As a tenant you will be able to visit or telephone our office during office hours; we also provide an emergency out-of-hours service to you, the tenant.
  • We have a range of expert local tradesmen who can deal with maintenance issues promptly and efficiently on behalf of the landlord.
  • We will ensure that landlords remain legally compliant to protect our tenants.